Happy new year to you all! Now let’s get down to business. 

At this time of year it’s all too common for us to evaluate our year just been, identify the weaknesses, and make resolutions as to what we’re going to change. I am no exception to this, though for 2016 I have set myself but one goal: to follow my dreams. This means both creatively, professionally, personally, all of it. And I, like many others, require ongoing motivation to do this. So to start off my year as I mean to continue, I have created this fun poster to keep in my workstation.

This phrase, no one else is going to make your dreams come true, is one I hold dear. And as I have always wanted to learn how to do hand-drawn typography, it seemed only appropriate to use it here.

So to everyone with fresh goals for 2016, good on you, and good luck. I hope you achieve your dreams, I’ll sure be trying to achieve mine!