Project Description

Print - Nexus Magazine

In my role as sole Graphic Designer for Nexus Magazine during 2012 I was tasked with the layout and design of a 40 page publication each week.

The role was extremely demanding as the magazine featured student content from up to 16 different volunteer writers per week. Feature layouts, themes and writer assignments were given out each production week and as a consequence the ideas for feature graphics and the packaging of the magazine were completed with a 20 hour turnaround. The above covers and spreads are just some of my favourites from the series of magazines that were produced.

This role gave me the chance to work full-time with a communications professiona and gain a greater understanding of the editorial and creative process and the relationship between both. It gave me a chance to develop my ideas and vision for the magazine but more importantly I learned how to work with writers and editors to create visual layouts that compliment their narrative without overshadowing it. I also worked with illustrator and artist Hoss Aneece, which gave me further insight into collaborative work.

The work resulted in the production of 26 issues with 2500 reproductions of each and over 10,000 online views.